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What is Dino Riders?Edit

A famous toy-line of the 1980's-1990's, produced from Tyco. It combined Dinosaurs paired with rayguns and science fiction.

The accuracity and details of the dinosaurs were very high, even the measurements between the toys were correct. Which resulted in the smithonian museum dinosaur line. The Dino Riders toys consisted of 4 waves and the Smithonian museum line. It was accompanied with a 14 episode television show and a comic book.

The toys consisted of a dinosaur and his pilot/crew. They came in a window box package and had a mini comic inserted. The medium sized toys had a special action, while the big toys mostly had electric or walking features.

The world of the Dino RidersEdit

After the attack of their homeworld, the last remaining Valorians trie to escape the evil Rulons. The evil Rulons, a race of semi-humanoids, try to conquor Valoria and destroy them all, but the Valorians try to escape with their last Starship. Equipped with the "Space Time Energy Projector" (S.T.E.P.), the Valorians try to flee trough time. But just in the moment the Rulons catched the valorian ship with their tractor beam, the amount of energie pummeled the Valorians and the Rulon flagship the Dreadlock through time and space. Both ships stranded on prehistoric Earth, without any funcioning ship.

The Valorians, through the guidance of Questar, try to repair the ship & the S.T.E.P. and search for ressources. They befriend and communicate through the AMP necklaces telepathically with the dinosaurs to help them restore their ship and battle against the Rulons.

The Rulons, under the command of their leader Krulos, try to steal the S.T.E.P. and defeat the Valorians, to return to their time and the Rulon Empire. To do so they use brain-boxes, devices to enslave the dinosaurs, and to do their bidding without hesitation for their war.

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